SALT – Finishing Strong

SALT is an organization that engages in various community projects including providing assistance for families & persons at risk, addressing TB/HIV/AIDS and nutrition and education in South Africa.

LinkState supports a program called Finishing Strong which aims to provide financial, motivational, and educational support to twenty young students who are striving to complete high school.

An assessment of the community was conducted in the Dunoon area. The assessment found three critical needs of high school students.

1. Financial support

Although school fees are provided by the South African government, school uniform and stationary are not. Without adequate supplies, how can we expect the youth of our nation to advance in their learning skills? Financial support will provide the essential and necessary resources for the 20 students in the program.

2. Emotional Support from family and friends

Mentors are provided for all the candidates. This mentor will be educated about the realities that the students face – poverty, drug abuse in families, abuse, hunger, lack of resources, lack of support from family, etc. They will be prime examples for our students to be motivated by.

3. Educational Support

SALT provides Saturday workshops, which will be made up of a variety of activities. The first and most important activity is extra-curricular lessons. We are aiming to utilize qualified teachers, who will be able to provide resources, knowledge and experience. The workshops will be constructed around various subjects that the students are struggling with. Life skill lessons will also be taught at these workshops, as well as occasional fun outings.

Two matrics from this program have made it into university for 2015 (Engineering and Physiotherapy).

Zambia Project

The Zambia Project is a mission base that has been established in Mongu. Over several years, the project has expanded with volunteers from around the world getting involved. They provide several essential services such as caring for orphans, medial outreaches, community and leadership development and water wells.

When one considers the vast number of deaths that can be prevented in villages simply by providing a clean water source, projects like the water wells initiative and the people at the front line of such things deserve our support.

Find out more about the project on their website.

LinkState supports a particular couple that have relocated to the base and are involved in many of the operational needs at the base.